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Hawley CemeteryOn Monday 11th December 1961 a Parish Meeting was called in the Hawley Memorial Hall, the business to be transacted at this meeting was that the Parish Council provide a cemetery under the Burial Act 1852.

On Thursday 14th May 1964, some three years since the original meeting, a further meeting was called of the Parish to confirm the recommendation of the Parish Council to purchase one acre of Glebe Land for a cemetery. This land was purchased from the Church of England Parochial Church.

Throughout 1965 and 1966 various drawings and specifications were drawn up and these included a small building to hold records, a waiting room and a tools and lawn motor room.

The Hawley Cemetery opened in 1968 and is classed as a ‘closed’ cemetery; this means that only those residents who live within the boundary of (and pay their taxes to) Blackwater and Hawley Town Council, or have proof of a first blood relation (parent, sibling or child) already buried in the cemetery, can be buried there. The entrance to the Hawley Cemetery is from The Glebe.

The address is Hawley Cemetery, The Glebe, Blackwater, Hampshire GU17 9BB. All correspondence should be addressed to Blackwater and Hawley Town Council, details on the contact us page.

Please note. The address for the adjacent Churchyard/Burial ground (opposite Holy Trinity Church) is Hawley Churchyard/Burial Ground, Fernhill Road, Blackwater, Hampshire GU17 9BN. This property belongs to the Church of England and any correspondence should be addressed to the Holy Trinity Church.

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